Yosuke Matsuoka to Jane Addams, June 3, 1923

Grand Hôtel de Pékin

Peking, June 3, 1923.

Dear Madame,

I had the pleasure & [honor] of being introduced to you the other day by Miss Scidmore, when you were about to mount [illegible] the lift. Later, I sent in to you my card -- I don't know whether you got it or not.

I hear that you are going to travel over our road via Mukden & through [Korea]. (The [Korean] railway is also under our management.) If so, we would like to make it as pleasant as possible for you, & offer you every convenience & [page 2] facility.

If you would kindly let me know a little ahead about your itinerary when settled, I'd wire out to our agent at Mukden. In all probability Dr. Uyeda, the President's Private Secretary, will come to Mukden from Darien to meet you & personally see that everything possible is done for you.

If you can spend a few days over our road in South Manchuria ↑(instead of just passing through Mukden)↓ & actually see for yourself the much discussed & misrepresented conditions there, it would be a grand thing.

Very sincerely yours,

Y Matsuoka

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