The Wards of a Great City, February 29, 1920 (excerpts)


Jane Addams Makes Plea for Help for German Sufferers

A survey of food conditions in Europe was presented last night be Miss Jane Addams at a community service meeting at First Methodist Church of Evanston. Miss Addams spoke as a representative of the Chicago Church Federation. Her topic was "The Wards of a Great City."

"Most of the wards who fill our great city institutions are immigrants," she said. "It is our duty to make those who come to our shores as comfortable as possible, to see thfat they are given a chance to make them feel that this great nation fulfills the promise which it held out to them. And in doing our duty to them it is no more than right that we should carry relief to their starving and destitute relatives in Europe."

Miss Addams described how she had studied conditions in Germany last summer, when she accompanied a commission of four Quakers sent into that country by the American government for that purpose.

"An organization has been established for the purpose of carrying relief to that country," she said. "There are organizations carrying relief into Belgium, Poland, and the other countries, but as yet there is none for Germany. Those who wish to help the women and children of Germany can do so through the Quakers in Philadelphia."

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