Jane Addams to Mary Rozet Smith, June 17, 1909


Nat. Conference of Social Work --

J. A. elected first woman President [questionably?]


Buffalo, N.Y. June 17" 1909


Your letter came last night after my acceptance speech and all the other fuss -- it was terribly fine to find it here. Miss Wald was very nice, is full of solicitude and ready to come to us on a moments notice. Every thing went off with her, extremely well. It has been a rushing time but the book is enormously improved [page 2] and worth the fuss I think. "The office" of course has meant a lot of committee meetings but after the "Dunne Board" they seemed easy. We are off this afternoon for St Albans which to tell the truth sounds rather nice and restful -- if I am not careful I will contract the country habit. I do hope that Eleanor's eye is better and that this week has not been very hard for you.

Bless you Darling! Always yrs J. A.