Jane Addams to Helen Culver, March 19, 1923



KANDY, March 19" 1923

My dear Miss Culver --

We have come up into this beautiful place in Ceylon for a few days of the mountains before we go to Singapore which is on the other side of the equator.

We have really had no excessive heat and are both keeping very well in spite of rather rapid [traveling] that we may get to South China before the excessive heat [comes there?].

Burma and Ceylon have both been more cheerful than India, which is partly economic and [page 2] partly the cheerful disposition of the people.

We are having receptions very often, one in Madras & one in Colombo by the Social Service Leagues because they have known and admired Hull-House. I think of you very often at such times.

Mary Smith sends her love to you and to Mrs Thomas. I do hope that you are having a comfortable winter, it is hard to think of ice and snow as being in the world. I am [enclosing] two pictures of native life which Mrs Thomas I am sure can [make vivid?].

With love to you both, I am Always devotedly yours Jane Addams.

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