Sophie Schlarbaum Gibling to Edith Ernestine Longstreth Boyer, December 4, 1923

Mrs. Edith Boyer,
102 S. Findlay St,
Ohio. [page 2]

W.I.L.P.F. 1010 Fine Arts Building ↑[1323]↓

Chicago, Ill. December 4

Under separate ↑cover↓ we send you 12 copies of a [sonnet] "Jane Addams" by Florence Holbrook. Your members may like to purchase them, they make excellent Christmas remembrances. They should sell for something over 5 cts each, which is the cost of production, and which amount we hope you will be able to remit to this office. We can supply more copies if desired.


S. S. Gibling (Mrs. E.)

Asst. Cor. Sec.