Speech at Auditorium Recital Hall, February 22, 1920 (excerpts)



At Auditorium Recital Hall yesterday Miss Jane Addams said the government was intolerant in suppressing and deporting foreign born radicals and that the radicals were more American in their ideals than the government agents who deport them.

Miss Addams said the I.W.W.'s, communists, Socialists, and others represent the voice of the majority of Americans and that 1,500,000 or more aliens had asked for passports since the Red raids began.

"An attempt is being made," Miss Addams declared, "to deport an entire political party whose members seek only the right of free speech, guaranteed them by the constitution, which has been repudiated because of the war.

"The remedy for the feeling of unrest is conciliation and education, and free speech is the great safety valve."

The community service in the First Methodist Church of Evanston waited to hear Miss Addams speak on "Wards of a Great City." She was going to tell Evanston how rotten is Chicago's politics, going to give out some sensational stuff. But she did not appear.

"Due to an oversight," the minister said, "the Church federation forgot to invite Miss Addams. Prof. Cox will now tell us about Mexico."