Frederick Ferdinand Moore to Mary Rozet Smith, August 13, 1923


August 13, 1923.

Dear Miss Smith,

I received your letter saying that Miss Addams would like to meet either the Prime Minister or the Foreign Minister and I have taken the matter up with both of them. I hoped that the Prime Minister's health would be such that he could receive Miss Addams, for, as you know, he is an unusual character, and I thought it would be well, if possible, for her to meet him. However, I have a note from his private secretary saying that his doctors have issued orders that he must be kept absolutely quite for some time yet, probably to the end of the month.

I have, therefore, made an engagement only with the Foreign Minister, Count Uchida. He will be able to see Miss Addams (and you, too, if you care to accompany her) at 5 o'clock on Thursday, the 16th, at the Foreign Office. If that hour is not satisfactory, he could change [page2] it to any time between three and five on that day, if you will let me know promptly.

As I stated, in a former letter, I shall be pleased to call on Miss Addams in advance, bring her and you to the Foreign Office, and introduce you to Count Uchida.

I hope Miss Addams' health continues to improve.

Yours Sincerely,

F. Moore [signed]

Miss M. R. Smith
Kanaya Hotel