Emily Hobhouse to Jane Addams, August 4, 1923

Barclay's Bank Ltd
137 Brompton Road
London S.W. 3

My dear Miss Addams

The sorrow I felt when I read in yesterday's paper of your severe illness & operation in Tokyo was only tempered by noticing that it was spoken of in the past tense --  I may hope therefore that it is over and well over and that you may be able to get safely across the Pacific after your long & wonderful journey ringing the globe. I felt anxious because at The Hague you looked, I thought, so weary & unfit for either physical or mental strain.

Still, I hope you have managed to enjoy a good deal, warmed by Eastern sunshine.

I am venturing to post you a [page 2] little book I have translated which depicts "war without [glamor]" and which perhaps may afford interest to you and to other American Pacifists. If you thought so and ↑that↓ any good paper would be inclined to review it I would forward a copy for the purpose.

The European outlook seems worse rather than better -- & we see our Parliament adjourning just at what appears to be the most crucial moment. France will not budge as the Note today published plainly [shows] -- and as there seems no inclination on the part of England to take the high moral (rather than the politically expedient) line, one doubts if Baldwin can find any satisfactory issue. So we feel very low -- & a letter from Kate Courtney just received from Wales where she is recruiting [shows] her depression. My letters not only from the Ruhr but from all parts of Germany are tragic.

[written on left and top margins of page 1] I suppose you left India before the Kenya complication arose to stir feeling. Gandhi's old struggle over again. I have left Cornwall for good from illness & expect to go abroad in October. Hoping for a better account of you Ever most sincerely yrs Emily Hobhouse