Jane Addams to Susan Mattie Hostetter Mackay, August 4, 1923


August 4" 1923

My dear Cousin Sue --

I [was] so grateful for your letter telling me about Sarah's operation. I had heard only a few days before through Miss Antin -- whom we had met in China and who was [traveling] in Japan -- that there was to be an operation and I was of course most anxious.

I have gotten through mine very well; I was in the Tokyo hospital a month and [page 2] am convalescing here for a few weeks. The right breast was amputated and owing partly to my weight, it [takes] it a long time to heal.

We have had a very wonderful trip. I shall hope to see you soon to talk about some of the bewildering aspects of life which a trip around the world gives. My arm is not worth much in the way of writing but I send my dearest love to you and Sarah -- these Japanese [views] may please the children.

Always devotedly yours

Jane Addams.

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