Margaret Bergen to Jane Addams, July 30, 1923


July 30, 1923

Miss Jane Addams
c/o Purser, "Shinyo Maru"

Dear Miss Addams:

The newspapers have announced that you are leaving Japan on the "Shinyo Maru" August 21. The "Marus" usually lie in port here about twelve hours. Would it be possible for you to remain over for the next "Maru" going to the states and spend a little time on these beautiful islands? I am sure that you would enjoy a stay here very much.

I have two motives for this request, one to give you a bit of pleasure, and the other is to secure from you the usual inspiration which your presence always gives. If you find that you cannot remain over, would it be possible for a few of us to see you during the twelve hours of your stay here? What do you feel equal to? Could you speak to an assembly of several hundred people, or would you prefer the Social Workers, which numbers about seventy-five in Honolulu? If you do not feel that you could meet a group, then, would you let me meet you at the steamer and take you for an automobile ride where you may see some of the beauties of the immediate surroundings of Honolulu?

Could I trouble you to send a wireless when the "Shinyo Maru" is about two days out? I am sorry I cannot say for you to send it collect, but, I will see that it is the same as a "collect" when you arrive.

I never dreamed that we would have the pleasure of a visitation from you and it is with great joy that I await your coming.

Very truly yours,

Margaret Bergen [signed]

Later -- I find the date of your sailing is an error. I am trusting this to the T.K.K. at [Yokohama]. W. B.

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