Jane Addams to John Henry Hopkins, September 20, 1922


Sept. 20th, 1922

My dear Mr. Hopkins:

My attention has just been called to an article in “The Living Church” for July 22nd and a reply by Bishop Jones in the issue of August 12th. I cannot imagine what I said which would induce you to believe that I had “at length revolted against [her?] own ↑the↓ "Gospel of Pacifism”. Certainly the Greeks who invited me to speak there were under no such misapprehension and that they understood my position was evidenced in a long talk which I had with ↑a group of↓ them that evening ↑at Hull-House↓.

May I send you a copy of my book, “Peace and Bread in Time of War” in which I try to state my position fairly and I hope more clearly than I seem to have done at the Coliseum. ↑Hoping that I am not presuming upon your courtesy I am↓

Faithfully yours,

Jane Addams [signed]

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