José F. Fabella to Jane Addams, April 6, 1923


April 6, 1923

Miss Jane Addams
Halsted Street, Chicago

My dear Miss Addams:

We have been expecting you in Manila in accordance with the advice that I received from Mr. Graham Taylor. We thought that you were on board the "S.S. of France" and so we tried to reach you as the attached copies of communication addressed to you will show. At my invitation, representatives of our national civic organizations such as the Liga Nacional de Damas Filipines (National League of Filipino Women); the National Federation of Woman's Clubs; the Philippines Chapter; American Red Cross; the Rotary Club; as well as private individuals interested in public welfare, met to discuss plans for entertaining you during your sojourn in Manila. A delegation of Filipino ladies consisting of the Board of Directors of the National League of Filipino Women went to meet you in a special launch out in the bay in order to welcome you personally.

Now that no more would touring boat is scheduled to arrive at this port for the remainder of the season, and that you were not among the tourists that visited us last month, we are inclined to believe that you have probably postponed your visit to this country for some other time.

Hoping that you will advise us of your arrival when you honor us by your visit in the future, I am

Very truly yours,

(Public Welfare Commissioner)


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(A true copy)