Mary Eliza McDowell to Emily Greene Balch, October 7 and 9, 1922


Letter of Miss McDowell to Miss Balch.

Lány, Czechoslovakia
October 7, 1922
Miss Emily Balch
Rue Du Vieux Collège, 6
Genêve, Suisse

Dear Miss Balch,

Miss Molnárová, Madame Vankova, Mme. Modra and Miss Plaminkova met with me today. I found them all greatly interested and really desirous of having a summer school. Miss Plaminkova seemed to feel that it would be necessary to have Dr. Bene’s approval and interest before anything further could be done. Mme. Modra seemed doubtful of Miss Plaminkova’s judgment and whispered to me that she was a chauvinist. I know she is a political lady, but I believe she is really interested in peace.

I believe Mme. Vankova and Miss Molnárová are the reliable ones. They will form a committee and will let you know their mind. They believe that they could get a castle near here but it would hold not over 60.

October 9.

I have had a most satisfactory talk with Mr. Škrach (Alice Mansaryk’s secretary). He says he believes Mme. Vankova can do the deed and that he and Dr. Benes have had a dream of an "International Academy" here in Czechoslovakia. He also sees no reason to trouble Minister Benes with details, but is sure that he will be glad to speak and do all in his power to forward a summer school. Mr. Škrach has no fear of Communism or Bolshevism. He even believes it will be possible to find the right kind of a castle with sufficient rooms. yours

Mary McDowell