Paul Underwood Kellogg to Jane Addam, June 19, 1922


June 19, 1922.

Miss Jane Addams.
Hull House.
Chicago, Illinois.

Dear Miss Addams:

Obviously Mr. Yarros [is] out of it if he is leaving on the 24th. We would want to go through our regular procedure of having the draft of the article go to the parties at interest for criticism in advance of publication.

I have a letter from Professor Douglas from the university on another matter under date of June 16th. He was planning to leave as soon as his university duties permitted to spend a week at the Hapgood plant in Indianapolis on his way east. His summer engagements made it impossible for him to tackle an article on the building trades himself, but he offered to help us land the right man to do it.

Various people with whom I talked thought that Luke Grant had so far "gone over to the other side" as to be unavailable. He has been publicity man, as I understand it, for the traction interests. They thought George [Sikes] might prove better.

Benjamin Stolberg would, I think, be glad to tackle the job, but, on the other hand, friends of his I talked with felt that his feelings and social philosophy are so directly engaged that his would not be a disinterested appraisal.

I am still holding my thumbs in the hope that you and Professor Douglas will be able to enlist Donald Richberg or someone equally convincing.