William Arthur Maddox to Jane Addams, October 4, 1922


[My] Dear Miss Addams:

I was very much interested in meeting and talking to Mr. Benjamin Stolberg who brought a note of introduction from you Saturday night. I am sorry that he could not have come during the day this week when he could have talked to one of our classes and met with certain members of our faculty and gotten acquainted with the situation generally. He is undoubtedly an able and well equipped man.

However, as I told him, our classes are under way and our budget for the year pretty definitely fixed. I do not see how it would be possible for me to find any funds that would be adequate enough to interest Mr. Stolberg, even though I could arrange a number of lectures for him. These matters are taken care of as a rule during the late spring and summer. If I can be of any assistance to him and at the same time enrich our work in sociology and psychology, I shall most certainly call upon him.

I am sure he enjoyed meeting his fellow --worked at Hull House –- Jordan Cavan. Mr. Cavan is in our department of education this year.

With best wishes, I am

Cordially yours,

(Wm. A. Maddox) 

Miss Jane Addams,
Hull House,
Chicago, Ill.