Harriet Dean Flower Smith Farwell to Jane Addams, March 13, 1922

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Dear Miss Addams:

Thank you very much for sending me your book. I appreciate your doing so -- deeply, and I shall read it with the greatest interest and sympathy. [page 2] The chapter I did read gave me such an illumination on the difficulties of your position. I am very sure that a hundred years from now the ↑public↓ opinion will be reversed, and your standpoint will seem to be the only possible [page 3] right & sane one -- and [the] thought of deciding questions by killing each other will be ↑[reconsidered]↓ (as it is) a relic of barbarism. But the ideal seemed ahead of us in this last horrible war -- and there seemed no other way, to most people, but to go on with it.

I am sure your book will [page 4] clarify people's thought about both war & Pacifism.

I am just leaving for Japan -- and shall take your book to read on my trip. Thank you again for sending it to me and wanting me to read it.

Yours faithfully

Harriet D. Farwell

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