Vilma Glücklich to Emily Greene Balch, March 1922


Copy from letter from Vilma Glücklich, March 1922.

Dear Miss Balch,

You may imagine how very happy I felt when I learned that you intend to [honor] me by an invitation to lecture in one of the Summer Schools. As I have a passport now and as 500 Swiss Frances are almost 2000 Lire, I may hope to succeed this time to get there where I perhaps -- by speaking a fairly good Italian -- can do you more service than in Germany, where a lot of good workers is at your disposition. At all events I send you thousand thanks for the kind thought to invite me; I suppose it must be laid before the Executive Committee Meeting. Let us hope that this letter will reach you before it. I hope your proposal will be accepted and I am ready to speak [about] some educational question, f.i. Egocentric Education as an obstacle of pacifistic feeling, or the Development of [athletic?] feeling as a help in progressing towards a peaceful world, or Help of each other as a basis of moral education etc.

If the Executive Committee has any special wishes as to the topic I should [choose], I am ready to prepare for anyone lying within my pedagogical studies. If the arranging committee believe that it should be delivered in Italian, I hope to be able to do so; if that is not necessary, I should like to speak German; at the foreign language most familiar to me.

Unofficially our board will like to suggest to the Executive Committee a discussion about military dictature in so-called peace-time and the means to present it. Perhaps it could be done even without being [on] the agenda.

Since the 21 February I had no invitation to meet my former authority. So at all events I shall have the vote this time.

Please forward my warmest greetings to all those who remember me kindly, especially to Mlle. Gobat and Miss Marshall. A greeting of farewell to Miss Thornton who has brought our Maison Internationale over the first financial difficulties. 

Yours very sincerely

Signed: V. G.