Charlotte Perkins Gilman to Jane Addams, ca. April 1918 (excerpt)


Mrs. Charlotte Perkins Gilman said in reply to the questionnaire sent out last April:

"If you still consider me a member of your committee and if I have the money to go with, I shall be glad to attend the meeting after the war. I no longer belong to any peace party and I hold that Germany must not only be absolutely conquered but surrender all her stolen goods and land, must pay for the damage she has done if it takes her a hundred years, and must [page 2] be permanently restricted in armament; all is essential to any kind of peace on earth.

My constructive views you know.

As to the specific questions, 1st: the above may prove me not in accord with your spirit and purpose.

2nd: I could attend a meeting in New York, etc.

My special contribution toward the end we all desire, is a special appeal to women, which I endeavored to set before your committee the last time I attended a meeting. This was considered to be entirely outside the scope and purpose of your work. Permanent peace I hope for and shall work for, but we might disagree on methods.

Yours cordially,

Charlotte Perkins Gilman"