Marianne Perger Hainisch to Jane Addams, January 30, 1922


↑Wien III, Rochusgasse 7↓

Dear Madam:

It was my intention to send you my congratulations and greetings for the New Year, but the pressure (of time) was too great. The same must have been the case with you, for the Disarmament Conference must have taken up a good deal of your time. I bless this movement, though the results may not [illegible] ↑seem↓ great; but I believe that its seeds will flower ____ in honor of the American women.

I remember your presence here with satisfaction, for ↑such↓ personal relations will introduce a reapproachment of the nations. We women have great problems to solve and it is pleasant to realize that the same [illegible] aims are approached on two hemispheres. Your personality is [illegible] testimony to it. Please remain well for the sake of mankind. Gratitude and the warmest wishes meet you everywhere, and are ↑brought↓ to you also from your most respectful,

M. H.

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