Maude Slade Odell to Jane Addams, February 20, 1922


February 20, 1922

My dear Miss Addams: --

You are, of course, the right person to represent us at the convention of the League of Women Voters. I am pleased that you can go to Baltimore and assume that you are, of course, coming to Washington to our annual meeting, the date for which we will decide upon at our Executive Board meeting on Thursday. If you have any preference for a certain date or days of the week will you wire us before our meeting. I believe that the Convention of the League of Women Voters begins on Thursday the 20th and it seems to me that we might best hold ours beginning Monday or Tuesday, the 17th or 18th of April.

I find in the minutes of the Executive meeting of May 5th 1921 that it was voted to have you appoint a Chairman of a Pan-American Relations Committee. Can you tell me whether we have such a chairman and if so could you get in touch with her, and ask her to interest the Pan-American women, coming for the Convention of the League of Women Voters, in our annual meeting? It seems to me that they should be represented.

We have not yet heard from Miss Balch in reply to our cablegram in regard to foreign speakers. She is probably waiting to have something definite to report. I will write to you as soon as I hear from her.

With best remembrances, Miss Addams, I am,

Yours sincerely,