Minna Cauer to Jane Addams, December 30, 1921



BERLIN W 62 30/12. 21

Dear Miss Addams,

Dear Friend,

You invited for Christmas my niece Lilly v. [Hoffwegen], she writes it to me with the expression of thankfulness and joy. Will you allow me, Dear Miss Addams to join in Lillys thankfulness and joy. Far from home in a foreign country, what is, what helps us over lonlieness? Friendship & kindness. I know, your heart belongs to those, which spend love and kindness [wherever] you have opportunity and I know Lilly will [need?] your kindness. I was sorry not to be able to assist the Congress [page 2] in Vienna. I was very ill the whole summer and since October I cannot leave the room. Stay to work in articles etc. for the great cause of peace, but how it is now in all countries, the work is almost impossible.

Hoping the New-Year will bring us at last that peace, which is promised us in the day of Christmas.

With best wishes for you and your work, dear Miss Addams,

I am Yours sincerely

Minna Cauer.

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