Henry Crittenden Morris to the Chicago Peace Society Executive Committee, November 22, 1921





To the Members of the Executive Committee of the Chicago Peace Society:

As anticipated in my letter of October 11th and in accordance with the previous instructions of the committee, our treasurer, Mr. Hutchinson has forwarded to the American Peace Society at Washington the sum of $288.92 (being the final balance to the credit of the Chicago Peace Society on deposit in the Corn Exchange National Bank of this city) and one Fourth Liberty Bond, par value $100.00 with the October 15th and subsequent coupons attached.

I have also deposited the principal records of the society with the Chicago Historical Society and have shipped all the old correspondence and other papers of secondary importance to the American Peace Society at Washington, for such disposition as it may determine. I am retaining in my hands the original charter of the society, as well as a small package of the final accounts and copies of correspondence showing the disposition of the records and effects.

The affairs of the Chicago Peace Society are thus finally closed.

Let me take this opportunity to thank you for the many evidences of confidence and support in the past; in terminating the relations which have existed, I feel that we have certainly aided in some measure in forming public opinion in favor of the [peaceable] settlement of international disputes.

I shall always hold most deeply in memory the friendships which have been formed and which I trust may continue, although our common work in this particular field may have ceased.

With kindest personal regards,

Very sincerely,

Henry C. Morris [signed]

November 22, 1921.