General Committee on the Limitation of Armament Declaration and Membership, November 1921




Declaration and Membership


The International Conference on Limitation of Armament, Pacific Problems and the Control of New Agencies of Warfare, called by the President of the United States, presents an opportunity for effective mobilization of world-wide public opinion in behalf of peace based upon international justice. To this end a committee of men and women have banded themselves together, to aid in crystallizing public opinion on the great issues before the conference and to concentrate and focus this opinion, in fullest harmony with the call of the President of the United states, in a manner that will be helpful.

This committee believes that such an association of individuals can cooperate with all similar movements in this country and abroad in forwarding the solution of the international problems involved.

It is not our purpose to attempt to suggest definite proposals to end war. This heavy responsibility rests on the appointed representatives of our own and other governments.

But we believe that a few general principles are accepted as self-evident by a great majority of our fellow countrymen, and that it may be helpful to restate them at this time.

The United States alone and single-handed cannot best serve the great cause of peace by disarming. Even if such solitary disarmament were possible to a limited extent, it would not make for world peace. It would only lessen our power to stand for freedom and to protect democracy throughout the world. Disarmament can be made effective only by international agreement. There is no other way.

Great armies and navies are not the chief cause of war. Frightful as is the burden they put upon the peoples of the earth a great World War is infinitely worse. Great armaments are not the only means of destruction. Terrible as will be the devastation of the world by its armies and navies, the poison gases and deadly chemical compounds now being discovered in the secret laboratories of many nations, even those which may have a peace time use, may annihilate civilization in the next war. Against such destruction no disarmament agreements can protect us.

The limitation of armaments is a good thing in itself. It will save the great nations of the world from threatened financial collapse. It is a long step forward but it is not peace. [page 2]

The cause of war lies far deeper. The awful madness of war is rooted in economic necessities and greed, in paralyzing fear of unprovoked attack, in ancient wrongs not yet righted.

The agenda of the upcoming International Conference give us reason to believe that, together with the limitation of armaments, some of the causes of war will be considered.

It is in this hope, and in support of our American representatives, that we submit on behalf of ourselves and of the millions of men and women in the United States the following confession of faith:

We pronounce to the world our deep and abiding faith in democracy and therefore in peace.

We proclaim to the world a faith that has not been dampened or smothered by past official latitude, or diplomatic delay and evasion.

We demand international peace.

We demand an official policy which shall lead the nations of the world into the thinking of peace, the building for peace, the will to have peace.

We have just gone through a great war -- a war without precedent. This we did for a great cause. We fought for the life of democracy, that its institutions and its spirit might be preserved.

We have assured to democracy the right to live and to function.

We have done more. We have obliterated the last of the great unlimited autocracies.

Is a world organized democratically to confess its inability to use the machinery of democracy? We declare to the world our faith that the machinery of democracy is sufficient -- that it must be sufficient and that our statesmen must not be permitted to invest democracy with the ancient traditions, fears, superstitions, mechanics, and economic maladjustments of autocracy.

With those ancient trappings the new world has done.

We are upon the threshold of a new day.

We are gazing upon a world whose spirit calls for peace.

Peace with the world of today is more than an economic necessity -- it is a spiritual necessity, a moral necessity, a necessity that conforms to a world that has reached that stage where democratic government is possible and where fearless recognition of truth is possible.

The coming international conference has a great task. It must accomplish much. It must respond to the heart-beat of the world. It must answer the call of the soul of the world. It must recognize the intelligence of the world and it must above all measure up to that intelligence and satisfy it.

International peace is practical, not because the world in its depression and anguish wishes peace, but because the world is capable of peace. That is the final, clinching argument for peace.

The world is capable of peace, based on justice.

The world has outgrown its childhood. It can no longer confess the mental inability to envision peace and to organize for peace. It is intellectually capable of peace.

Democracy has prove itself. Democracy makes peace possible today and, unless we proclaim the futility of democracy, we must proclaim the feasibility, the immediate possibility of lasting world peace by international agreement. [page 3]



MCNAB, GAVIN -- Lawyer and Publicist ... San Francisco
ROWELL, CHESTER H. -- California State Railroad Commission, 9th floor, Flood Building, Powell and Market Sts. ... San Francisco


WALLING, WM. ENGLISH -- Author ... Greenwich


BAER, JOHN M. -- Journalist, Labor, Machinists Building ... Washington
BARRETT, JOHN -- Former Director General Pan-American Union, Adviser on International Affairs, Metropolitan Club ... Washington
BENT, SILAS -- The Nation's Business, Mills Building (Res. 2726 Connecticut Ave.) ... Washington
BERRES, A. J. -- Secretary-Treasurer, Metal Trades Department, A.F. of L., 400 A.F. of L. Building ... Washington
BULLARD, ARTHUR -- Publicist, Cosmos Club ... Washington
COPP, MISS TRACY -- Special Agent, Industrial Rehabilitation, Federal Board for Vocational Education, 200 New Jersey Ave., N.W. ... Washington
DONLIN, JOHN -- President, Building Trades Department, A.F. of L., A.F. of L. Building ... Washington
FORRESTER, [JAMES] J. -- Representative, Brotherhood of Railway Clerks, 311 A.F. of L. Building ... Washington
GAINOR, EDW. J. -- President, National Association of Letter Carriers, A.F. of L. Building ... Washington
GOMPERS, SAMUEL -- President, American Federation of Labor, A.F. of L. Building ... Washington
GOMPERS, MRS. SAMUEL -- 3500 35th St., N.W. ... Washington
GREENWOOD, ERNEST -- American Correspondent, International Labor Office, 618 Seventeenth St., N.W. ... Washington
HEWITT, FRED L. -- Editor, Machinists' Monthly Journal, Machinists Building ... Washington
HOLMAN, CHARLES W. -- National Milk Producers' Federation, 1731 Eve St., N.W. ... Washington
HOWE, H. E. -- National Research Council, 1701 Massachusetts Ave. ... Washington
HOYEM, OLIVER -- Information and Publicity Service, A.F. of L., A.F. of L. Building ... Washington
HUNT, EDWARD EYRE -- Secretary to National Conference on Unemployment, Department of Commerce ... Washington
HUNT, REV. EDWARD L. -- Memorial Church of the Americas, 1727 Nineteenth St. ... Washington
JOHNSTON, WILLIAM H. -- President, International Association of Machinists, Machinists' Building, 9th and Mt. Vernon Place, N.W. ... Washington
KERBY, REV. WILLIAM J. -- Catholic University of America, 1828 Lamont St. ... Washington
KIMBERLY, MAJOR H. S. -- National Research Council, 1701 Massachusetts Ave., N.W. ... Washington
KING, JUDSON -- Executive Secretary, National Popular Government League, 637 Munsey Building ... Washington
LLOYD, JAMES T. -- Lawyer, Munsey Building ... Washington
LORD, JAMES -- President, Mining Department, A.F. of L., Room 208, A.F. of L. Building ... Washington
LYMAN, CHARLES A. -- Secretary, National Board of Farm Organizations, 1731 Eye St., N.W. ... Washington [page 4]
MCCULLOCH, J. E. -- Secretary, Southern Cooperative League for Education and Social Service, 937 Woodward Building ... Washington
MCDOWELL, BISHOP WILLIAM F. -- Methodist Episcopal Church, 1509 Sixteenth St. ... Washington
MCGOWAN, REV. R. A. -- National Catholic Welfare Council, 1312 Massachusetts Ave., N.W. ... Washington
MAGILL, HUGH S. -- Field Secretary, National Education Association, 1201 Sixteenth St., N.W. ... Washington
MANNING, JOHN J. -- Secretary-Treasurer, Union Label Trades Department, A.F. of L., Rooms 202-204, A.F. of L. Building ... Washington
MOORE, HARRY T. -- U.S. Public Health Service, 16 Seventh St. ... Washington
MORRISON, FRANK -- Secretary, American Federation of Labor, A.F. of L. Building ... Washington
NOONAN, JAMES P. -- President, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Machinists' Building, 9th and Mt. Vernon Place, N.W. ... Washington
O'CONNELL, JAMES -- President, Metal Trades Department, A.F. of L., Room 400, A.F. of L. Building ... Washington
OYSTER, GUY H. -- Secretary to President Gompers, A.F. of L. Building ... Washington
PARK, MAUD WOOD -- President, National League of Women Voters, 918 Munsey Building ... Washington
PARKE, GENEVIEVE H. -- 1800 K St., N.W. ... Washington
PARKHURST, MISS M. I. -- National League of Women Voters, 918 Munsey Building ... Washington
PHELAN, MRS. WILLIAM D. -- National Federation of Women's Clubs, The Burlington ... Washington
ROSEMUND, C. L., -- President, International Federation of Technical Engineers, Architects and Draftsmen, A.F. of L. Building ... Washington
RUSSELL, CHARLES EDWARD -- Journalist and Author, 2011 Eye St., N.W. ... Washington
RYAN, REV. JOHN A. -- The Catholic University ... Washington
SMITH, ETHEL M. -- Legislative Committeeman, Federal Employes' Union Secretary, Women's Trade Union League, 1423 New York Ave., N.W. ... Washington
SPENCER, WILLIAM J. -- Secretary-Treasurer, Building-Trades Department, A.F. of L., Room 500, A.F. of L. Building ... Washington
STEWARD, LUTHER C. -- President, National Federation of Federal Employes, 1423 New York Ave., N.W. ... Washington
STOCK, E. L. -- V. Pres. and Sales Mgr., Hart & Crouse Co., 1220 New York Ave., N.W. ... Washington
TAYLOR, JOHN THOMAS -- The American Legion, Woodward Building ... Washington
THORNE, FLORENCE -- Information and Publicity Service, A.F. of L., A.F. of L. Building ... Washington
VARGAS, C. A. -- Spanish Language Secretary, Pan American Federation of Labor, A.F. of L. Building ... Washington
WATKINS, MRS. A. C. -- Executive Secretary, National Congress of Mothers and Parent-Teacher Associations, 1202 Sixteenth St., N.W. ... Washington
WATSON, REV. E. O. -- Secretary, Federal Council of Churches, 937 Woodward Building ... Washington
WOLD, EMMA -- Chairman, Women's Committee for World Disarmament, 717 Woodward Building ... Washington
WOOD, REV. CHARLES -- Church of the Covenant, 2110 S Street, N.W. ... Washington
WRIGHT, CHESTER M. -- Director, Information and Publicity Service, A.F. of L., A.F. of L. Building ... Washington


EAGAN, JOHN J. -- Manufacturer, Citizens and Southern Bank Building ... Atlanta [page 5]


BYLLESBY, H. M. -- Electrical Engineer, 208 S. La Salle St. ... Chicago
COEFIELD, JOHN -- President, United Association of Plumbers and Steamfitters of the United States and Canada, 1138 N. Dearborn St. ... Chicago
COMERFORD, H. M. -- Secretary-Treasurer, International Union of Steam and Operating Engineers, 6334 Yale Ave. ... Chicago
HUDDELL, ARTHUR M. -- President, International Union of Steam and Operating Engineers, 6334 Yale Ave. ... Chicago
HYNES, JOHN J. -- President, Amalgamated Sheet Metal Workers' International Alliance, 122 S. Ashland Boulevard ... Chicago
JEWELL, B.M. -- President, Railway Employes' Department, A.F. of L., Riviera Building, 4750 Broadway ... Chicago
JUDSON, HARRY PRATT, Pres. University of Chicago ... Chicago
KLINE, JAMES W. -- President, International Brotherhood of Blacksmiths, Drop Forgers and Helpers, 1150 Transportation Building, which 608 S. Dearborn St. ... Chicago
MCENERNEY, MARY -- Bindery Women's Union, Manhattan Building, 431 S. Dearborn St. ... Chicago
MATTHEWS, DR. SHAILER -- Dean, The Divinity School, University of Chicago ... Chicago
MYRUP, A. F. -- Treasurer, Bakery and Confectionery Workers' Union, 310 Bush Temple of Music ... Chicago
OLANDER, VICTOR A. -- Secretary, Illinois State Federation of Labor, 166 W. Washington St. ... Chicago
PERKINS, GEORGE W. -- President, Cigarmakers' International Union, Monon [Building] ... Chicago
RICKERT, T. A. -- President, United Garment Workers of America, Room 406, 175 W. Washington St. ... Chicago
SHAW, A. W. -- Publisher (System Mag.) ... Chicago
STILLMAN, CHARLES B. -- President, American Federation of Teachers, 166 W. Washington St. ... Chicago
WOLL, MATTHEW, President, Photo Engravers' Union, 6111 Bishop St. ... Chicago


BOWEN, WILLIAM -- President, Bricklayers, Masons and Plasterers International Union, University Park Building ... Indianapolis
FISCHER, JACOB -- Secretary, Journeymen Barbers' International Union, 222 E. Michigan St. ... Indianapolis
HAYS, JOHN -- Secretary, International Typographical Union, 635-650 Bankers' Trust Building ... Indianapolis
HUGHES, THOMAS L. -- Secretary, Brotherhood of Teamsters, Chauffeurs, Stablemen and Helpers of America, 222 E. Michigan St. ... Indianapolis
LEWIS, JOHN L. -- President, United Mine Workers, 1102-09 Merchants' Bank Building ... Indianapolis
MCPARLAND, JOHN -- President, International Typographical Union, Bankers Trust Building ... Indianapolis
TOBIN, DANIEL J. -- President, Brotherhood of Teamsters, Chauffeurs, Stablemen and Helpers of America, 222 E. Michigan Street ... Indianapolis
HEDRICK, GEORGE F. -- President, Brotherhood of Painters, Decorators and Paperhangers of America, Milford Block ... Lafayette


COCHRAN, WILLIAM F. -- Publicist, 1228 Munsey Building ... Baltimore
HOLLANDER, JACOB H. -- Prof. Political Economy, Johns Hopkins University ... Baltimore
MARBURG, THEODORE -- Publicist, 14 W. Mt. Vernon Place ... Baltimore [page 6]


HAMILTON, WALTON H. -- Economist, Amherst College ... Amherst
BAINE, CHARLES L. -- Treasurer, Boot and Shoe Workers' Union, 246 Summer St. ... Boston
BROOKS, JOHN GRAHAM -- Author, The Twentieth Century Club, 3 Joy St. ... Boston
CLARK, B. PRESTON -- Plymouth Cordage Company, 55 Kilby St. ... Boston
CLEVELAND, F. A. -- Boston University, 688 Boylston St. ... Boston
CONRAD, REV. A. Z. -- Park Street Church ... Boston
EVARTS, JUDGE W.P. -- Lawyer, 709 Pemberton Building ... Boston
JACKSON, CHARLES C. -- Lawyer, 462 Beacon St.... Boston
SEDGEWICK, ELLERY -- Editor, The Atlantic Monthly, S Arlington St., Boston 17 ... Boston
CROTHERS, REV. SAMUEL MCCORD -- Author and Churchman ... Cambridge
DUNCAN, JAMES -- President, The Granite Cutters' International Association of America, 25 School St ... Quincy


BURTON, DR. M. L. -- President, University of Michigan ... Ann Arbor


WINTER, MRS. THOMAS G. -- General Federation of Women's Clubs, Member President's Advisory Commission, 2617 Dean Boulevard ... Minneapolis


RYAN, MARTIN F. -- President, Brotherhood of Railway Carmen of America, 500 Hall Building ... Kansas City
JOHNSON, JACKSON -- International Shoe Co., 1501 Washington Avenue ... St. Louis
MANION, E. J. -- President, Order of Railroad Telegraphers, Missouri State Life Building ... St. Louis


POOLE, ERNEST -- Journalist and Author ... Franconia
STEVENS, RAYMOND B. -- Lawyer, formerly Vice-President, United States Shipping Board ... Lishon


RUCKER, MRS. ROBERT E. -- 61 Morris Place ... Hillside
VOORHEES, MRS. DAYTON -- Library Place ... Princeton
DERBY, CHARLES -- Princeton University, ... Princeton


CASHEN, T. C. -- President, Switchmen's Union of North America, 39 North St. ... Buffalo
ANDREWS, DR. JOHN B. -- Secretary, American Association for Labor Legislation, 131 E. 23rd St. ... New York
AGNEW, DR. P. G. -- Secretary, American Engineering Standards Committee, 29 West 39th St. ... New York
BEYER, O. S., JR. -- Consulting Engineer, 280 Broadway ... New York
BOHN, DR. FRANK -- Lecturer and writer on international affairs, 362 Riverside Drive ... New York
BRADY, PETER J. -- Supervisor, City Record; Secretary, Allied Printing Trades Council of New York; Secretary, Committee on Education, New York State Federation of Labor; 812 Municipal Bldg ... New York
BRADY, WILLIAM A. -- Motion Picture Producer (represented by Jack Connolly), 137 W. 48th St. ... New York [page 7]
BRUERE, ROBERT W. -- Bureau of Industrial Research, 289 Fourth Ave. ... New York
CATT, MRS. CARRIE CHAPMAN -- Honorary President, National League of Women Voters, 2 W. 86th St. ... New York
CHANNING, DR. J. PARKE -- Mining Engineer, 61 Broadway ... New York
CHLOPEK, ANTHONY J. -- President, International Longshoremen's Association, 11 Broadway, Room 610 ... New York
CONBOY, MRS. SARA A. -- Secretary-Treasurer, United Textile Workers, 108-112 Bible House ... New York
DEWEY, PROF. JOHN -- Columbia University ... New York
DICKINSON, MAJOR ROY -- Associate Editor, Printers' Ink, 185 Madison Ave. ... New York
EASLEY, MRS. GERTRUDE BEEKS -- National Civic Federation, 33rd Floor Metropolitan Tower ... New York
FARWELL, WALTER -- Retired manufacturer, Room 1310, 2 Rector Street ... New York
FELS, MRS. JOSEPH -- The Joseph Fels International Commission, 36 W. 59th St. ... New York
FINLEY, DR. JOHN H. -- Educator and Publicist, New York Times ... New York
FRANK, GLENN -- Editor, Century Magazine, 353 Fourth Ave. ... New York
FRAYNE, HUGH -- A.F. of L. Representative, 1416 Broadway ... New York
GULICK, REV. SIDNEY L. -- Federal Council of Churches of Christ in America, 105 W. 22nd St. ... New York
HIRSCH, NATHAN -- Publicist, 87 Franklin St. ... New York
HOLLAND, JAMES P. -- President, New York State Federation of Labor, 229 E. 47th St. ...  New York
HOLT, HAMILTON -- Editor, "The Independent," 311 Sixth Ave. New York
HOUSTON, HERBERT S. -- Treasurer, League to Enforce Peace ... New York
KEHOE, WILLIAM F. -- Secretary, Central Trades and Labor Council, Room 924 World Building ... New York
KEYSER, DR. CASSIUS J. -- [Adrain?] Professor of Mathematics, Columbia University ... New York
KINGSLEY, DARWIN P. -- President, New York Life Insurance Co., 346 Broadway ... New York
LANG, H. -- Labor Editor, 175 E. Broadway, Jewish Daily Forward ... New York
LAWLOR, MARTIN -- Secretary-Treasurer, United Hatters of North America, 72 Bible House ... New York
LEMKE, JAMES -- President, International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employes, 110 W. 40th St. ... New York
LEWISOHN, SAM A., ADOLPH LEWISOHN & SONS -- Mine Operators, 61 Broadway ... New York
MCMAHON, THOMAS F.  -- President, United Textile Workers of America, Rooms 86-87 Bible House ... New York
MCFARLAND, REV. CHARLES S. -- General Secretary, Federal Council of Churches of Christ in America, 105 W. 22nd St. (or 937 Woodward Building, Washington, D.C.) ... New York
MACRAE, JOHN -- Vice-President, E.P. Dutton & Co., 681 Fifth Avenue ... New York
MACY, V. EVERIT -- Publicist, 4 E. 66th St. ... New York
MILLER, FRED J. -- Past President, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Hotel Nassau, Long Branch, L.I. ... New York
PEABODY, GEORGE FOSTER -- Banker, 25 Broad Street ... New York
POUND, GEORGE W. -- General Counsel, Music Industries of America, 105 W. 40th St. ... New York
(or Congress Hotel, Washington, D.C. or 159 Morris Ave., Buffalo.)
RICE, CALVIN M. -- Secretary, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 29 West 39th St. ... New York
ROGERS, SAUL E. -- Vice-President, Fox Film Corporation, 840 10th Ave. ... New York
SCHLESINGER, BENJAMIN -- President, Ladies' Garment Workers' Union 32 Union Square ... New York [page 8]
SHORT, WILLIAM H. -- Secretary, League to Enforce Peace, 1540 Broadway ... New York
SLOBODIN, HENRY L. -- Attorney, Expert on Far Eastern Questions, 1465 Broadway ... New York
STRAUS, OSCAR S. -- Publicist, Diplomat, 5 West 76th St. ... New York
TARBELL, IDA M. -- Journalist, 120 East 19th St. ... New York
TOWSON, CHARLES R. -- Secretary, Industrial Department, Young Men's Christian Association, 347 Madison Ave. ... New York
VAN RENNSELAER, MRS. COFFIN -- Publicist and Welfare Workers, 105 West 40th St. ... New York
WAITE, HENRY M. -- Former City Manager, Dayton, Ohio, 105 West 40th St. ... New York
WHITIN, DR. E. STAGG -- Chairman. Executive Board, National Committee on Prisons and Prison Labor. Room 1310, 2 Rector St. ... New York
WISE, RABBI STEPHEN S. -- 23 West 90th St. ... New York
WOLF, ROBERT B. -- Consulting Engineer, 42 Broadway ... New York
WOLMAN, PROF. LEO. -- Economist, New School Social Research, 465 W. 23rd St. ... New York
WOODS, ARTHUR -- Publicist and Director Municipal Emergency Plans, U.S. Unemployment Conference, Room 2702 Woolworth Building ... New York
VANDERLIP, MRS. FRANK -- Beechwood ... Scarborough-on-Hudson


FITZGERALD, E. H. -- Grand President, Brotherhood of Railway Clerks, 6th Floor, Second National Bank Building ... Cincinnati
FREY, JOHN P. -- Editor, Molders' Journal, Commercial Tribune Building ... Cincinnati
WILSON, JAMES -- President. Pattern Makers' League of North America, [1007-8-9 ?] Second National Bank Building ... Cincinnati
LEE, W.G. -- President. Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen ... Cleveland
LEISERSON, WILLIAM M. -- Economist, Toledo University, 2322 Warren St. ... Toledo


THOMAS, M. CARY -- President, Bryn Mawr College ... Bryn Mawr
PINCHOT, MRS. GIFFORD ... Milford (Pike Co.)
COOKE, MORRIS L. -- Consulting Engineer, 1109 Finance Building, South Penn Square. (Residence 410 W. Walnut Lane, Germantown) ... Philadelphia
KING, DR. CLYDE -- University of Pennsylvania, Editor, "The Annals"... Philadelphia
LEWIS, DR. WILLIAM DRAPER -- Law School, University of Pennsylvania ... Philadelphia
MALLERY, OTTO T. -- Publicist. Pennsylvania Industrial Commission. (Cosmos Club, Washington, D.C.) ... Philadelphia
NORRIS, GEORGE W. -- Governor. Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, 925 Chestnut St. ... Philadelphia
VOLL, JOHN -- President. Glass Bottle Blowers' Association, 1005 Colonial Trust Building ... Philadelphia
DAVIS, D. J. -- Assistant President. Amalgamated Iron, Steel and Tin Workers, House Office Building, Smithfield and Water Streets ... Philadelphia
AYDELOTTE, DR. FRANK A. -- President, Swarthmore College ... Swarthmore


WILLIAMS, MISS CHARL O. -- President, National Education Association ... Memphis
BERRY, GEORGE L. -- President. Printing Pressmen's Union ... Pressmen's Home


THOMPSON, WILLIAM E. -- Lecturer ... Thaxton


ROSS, E. A. -- Department of Economics, University of Wisconsin ... Madison
BLOODGOOD, WHEELER P. -- Lawyer, Mitchell Building ... Milwaukee

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