The International People's College, Denmark, ca. September 1921


[image of a set of buildings]

The International College at [Helsingør] in Denmark will open its first regular course on October 1st this year. It is as yet on a small scale, the housing accommodation being limited to thirty students.

Receiving students from various countries, it offers a good opportunity of mutual fellowship for men of different nationalities, and, at the same time, the mental horizon of the students will be widened by courses in the history social and religious life of modern countries.

The College will follow the traditions of the Danish Folk High Schools. Like these it will be based on a broad religious foundation, and it will be personal in method and ethical in purpose. Further, it will seek to express the spirit of a humane internationalism.

The payment for board, lodging and tuition is Sixty Pounds for the nine months' course from October 1st 1921 to July 1st 1922 and a few scholarships are being provided to this amount. Payment for washing is extra.

In connection with the College there is a farm and garden, in the cultivation of which the students are engaged for three hours daily. [page 2]

The following subjects will be taught: Danish, English, German, Natural Science (Biology and Chemistry), History and Sociology.

There are three terms. In the two first terms the students

[image The Danish, Dutch, English, German and Austrian students who have this summer worked in the garden and the farm belonging to the College.]

are divided into classes according to nationality, and are taught in their own language.

For practical reasons, however, the tuition will for the present be given only in Danish, German and English Special emphasis will therefore be laid upon the study of the last two languages during the first term. Pupils of different [page 3] nationality will live together, and, associating daily, will have practice in speaking along with theoretical instruction.

During the second term more time will be given to the study of Literature, Natural Science, Sociology and History in its economic and political aspects.

During the third term, which begins about April 1st, the separation of the pupils into classes according to nationality will be dispensed with and the pupils will then attend lectures in English, and partly in German.

The teachers will be: The Principal, Peter Manniche, M.A.: English, German, History and "Modern Countries and Peoples;" Folmer Blicher-Dam (graduate of the Danish Royal Agricultural College) English, Natural Science and Agricultural Theory; Rennie Smith, B. Sc. (from April 1st 1922 to July 1st 1922): Sociology, Economics and Political Science; Dr. phil. Waschnitius (Vienna): History, Literature and Sociology; Miss Else Bengtsson, M.A.: History; Mrs. Svelmøe-Thomsen: History of Religion, Chr. Norlev and Jens Toftegaard, B. Sc.: Sociology.

Besides the above Prof. Vald. Ammundsen (History of the Church) Prof. Vilhelm Anderson (Danish), Prof. N. Bøgholm and Otto Jespersen (English), Dr. Louis Hamerich (German), Prof. Vald. Vedel (Comparative Literature), and the High School Principals Begtrup, Bredsdorff and Rosendal [will] give occasional lectures at the College.

The College is supported by subscriptions from private individuals in Denmark, England, Germany and the United States, by a grant from the Danish state, and by contributions from working class and other bodies.

The members of the Committee of the College are: Cai Hegermann-Lindencrone, Secretary in the Board of Education (Chairman), Rud. Benzon. Inspector at Jonstrup Training College and Peter Manniche, M. A., the Principal of the International College, [Helsingør], to whom enquiries may be addressed.

The members of the Danish Council are: Prof. V. Amundsen (Chairman), N. Andreasen M. P. (Socialist), Bishop Anton Bast (Methodist), Dr. Olav Benedictsen, A. Boje, Secretary of the Social Library, Copenhagen, Johan Borup, Principal of the Folk-High School, Copenhagen, L. Broberg, Director of the [Cooperative] Unions, Denmark, Th. Døssing, [page 4] State Inspector of the Public Libraries, The Rev. Johs. Fog-Peterson (Lutheran), Niels Frederiksen, M. P. (Radical), Prof. Edu. Geismar, N. Hauge, M. P. (Socialist), I. P. Jensson, Tram Conductor, J. Krüger, Engineer, Fr. Landing, Foreman, Miss Edel Liisberg. Prof. Edv. Lehmann, A. C. Meyer, M.P. (Socialist), Miss Ellen Nielsen, Julius Nielsen, Headmaster, V. Pinholt, M.P. (Liberal), M. A. Rosendal, the Principal of Grundtvig's High School, Lyngby, W. O. Uttenthal, Merchant.

The members of the British Committee for the College are:

The Right Hon. Arthur Henderson, M.P. (President), Arnold Rowntree (Chairman), Fred Bramley (Parliamentary Committee, Trade Union Congress), Edvin Gilbert (Adult School Movement), Prof. Hall (Director of Studies, [Cooperative] Union), Frank Hodges (Secretary, Miners' Federation), Lady Parmoor, Hubert Peet (Secretary, Society of Friends), T. V. Price (Wokers' Educational Association), Archibald Ramage (League of Faith and [Labor]), Sir Michael Sadler (Vice Chancellor, Leeds University), H. G. Wood (Director of Studies, Woodbrooke Settlement), Basil Yeaxlee (Settlement Movement), Rennie Smith, B. Sc. (Econ.) (W.E.A. tutor, The University. Sheffield), to whom all enquiries from English may be addressed and subscriptions for the College sent.

Similar committees are at work in U.S.A. and Germany, Jane Addams and Edv. Berstein being the presidents.


Jane Addams, Chairman
Hull House, Chicago

The Rev. O. E. Helsing, B. D.,
2133 N. Springfield Ave., Chicago

Peter Clemensen, M. D., Chicago

Dr. E. T. Devine, New York

The Rev. A. Th. Dorf, Chicago

Noble S. Elderkin, Chicago
Sec'y Fellowship of Reconciliation

Clarence Hoag, Haverford, Pa.

Frederic C. Howe. Washington

Professor Rufus Jones,
Haverford, Pa.

Dr. Henry Goddard Leach,
New York

Lithyou Osborne, Washington,
Formerly Charge d'Affaires in Denmark

Henry Scattergood, Villanova, Pa.

Mrs. Willard Straight, New York

Dr. Jas. P. Warbasse, New York

All American Subscriptions for the College should be sent to the Treasurer, Mrs. James F. Porter, 1085, Sheridan Road, Hubbard Woods, Ill. or to the Principal of the College, Peter Manniche, [Helsingør], Denmark, who also answers all enquiries.

The plan has been endorsed by Orors S. Davis, President of Chicago Theological Seminary; Charles W. Eliot, President Emeritus of Harvard University; Ferdinand Schevill, Professor of Modern History, University of Chicago, and Harry F. Ward, Professor of Christian Ethics at Union Theological Seminary; Raymond Weeks, Professor of Romana Languages and Phonetics at Columbia University.

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