Marguerite Gobat to Jane Addams, October 22, 1921 Also known as: Marguerite Gobat to Women's International League for Peace and Freedom Executive Committee, October 22, 1921


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Geneva, 6 rue du Vieux College

Circular letter to Executive Committee & Consultative Members (A)

Series of 1921 A 9

Geneva, 1921 October 22.

Dear Madam,

In Salzburg, during the vacation course, at a Committee meeting composed of Jane Addams, Gertrud Baer, ​​Emily G. Balch, HM Swanwick, Frida Perlen, K. Royds, Dr. Surozowa, it was proposed that three vacation courses - Summer Schools - would be [organized], next year, one in Germany, the other in France and if possible, one in Italy, during the Easter holidays. When she left in September, Miss Balch assigned me to take the preliminary steps in this direction, and I wrote to our friends in Germany, France, Miss Balch having written in Italy herself. The only one containing a practical own-answer sition is from Miss Heymann, who says Chateau Lauenstein might be suitable for our project. This week, taking advantage of the presence here of two members of the Executive Committee, Gabrielle Duchêne and Gertrud Baer, ​​we had an interview about the holiday school project.

Here are the conclusions of this interview:

Both do not agree with the plans for several vacation courses and consider that we do not have enough material resources of active competitions to organize them; they find it preferable to concentrate their efforts on a single course. But, in this case, Gabrielle Duchêne thinks, that having a single course in Germany, after having had this year's course in Austria, could be interpreted as a preference in favor of the central countries and thus will harm the participation , in some countries. On the other hand, it foresees great difficulties of various kinds for the organization of a course in France, among others the virtual impossibility (conditions of passports or exchange) to have students from many countries of the Central and Eastern Europe. They offer to redo a vacation course in Austria, perhaps even in the surroundings of Salzburg. Apart from the choice of location, the question that arises most urgently is this: Which section will be able to take responsibility for the organization?

I beg you to answer me if possible by return mail - I will wait for the answer I until November 1st at the latest to the following questions, which I put at the bottom of the page, in order to allow you to answer on this leaf.

Your devoted

(signed) Marguerite Gobat.

1. Do you want there to be holiday courses in 2 (possibly 3 countries)?

2. Do you want a single vacation course?

3. Do you agree that this course takes place in Austria?

4. Can your Section commit to organizing the course with the support of the Geneva Office?

(For those who must answer by telegram put the answers in the order of the questions.)