Lucia Ames Mead to Jane Addams, October 4, 1921

19 Euston St.

Oct. 4 -- 21.

My dear Miss Addams,

I regret to say that Miss Wambaugh lectures at Wellesley for the next six months and will be unavailable for us.

I speak to our Twentieth Century Club this week on disarmament. Mr. McDonald was to have done so but I found him last week just starting "to clean up Mexico" though he is not connected with the Lamont party.

I think there are some encouraging signs. I hope you and Miss [page 2] Lathrop will be appointed to the respective positions which we discussed, on Friday.

It seems to me we, as a people, we should demand specific things, one our pledge to send all justiciable questions to the World Court, and one to agree to the neutralization of the Pacific and the dismantling of fortresses as Japan proposes. But I believe everything will depend on what national policies are to be as regards China.

With warmest regards,

Yours sincerely,

Lucia Ames Mead