Lucia Ames Mead to Jane Addams, October 18, 1921


Oct. 18. 21.

My dear Miss Addams,

I am amazed at this wonderfully generous offer of Mrs. Post's. I don't think that she ought to offer so much. I had written saying that if I should go I would ask her advice about getting a boarding-place.

I have received a letter with recent telegrams and correspondence sent by Miss Kittredge and therefore know that Mrs. Mathes has resigned and that you are trying to get Mrs. Odell to be President and may have an annual [page 2] meeting in December, also that you think our [headquarters] would better be with the [Friends?] instead of in the building of the Council.

I had sent in your care a letter to Mrs. Mathes asking her to appoint her proxy at the biennial of the National Council of [Women] in Philadelphia and four voting delegates. I suggested Mrs. Post as her proxy and Mrs. Hull and Mrs. [illegible name] as two of the voting delegates. If Mrs. Odell is appointed President I should like her to make these appointments. We are entitled also to 25 visiting delegates and ought to invite a full number. I want them to help on my committee of permanent peace.

Miss Kittredge wrote of having a stenographer who would attend [page 3] to subscriptions, filing etc. if one were provided, I would try to run the office temporarily but should want to give my chief time to newspaper people at the headquarters of the Council and in holding [labor?] meetings etc. Possibly something could be done in Baltimore with Mr. Marburg and others to arrange meetings.

I am working with the Intercollegiate Liberal League which has large plans for student work in many colleges. I have been outlining study for them.

I am to speak at Radcliffe and Boston University. Yesterday I addressed three audiences on the disarmament question.

Hastily yours

Lucia Ames Mead