Graham Wallas to Jane Addams, August 11, 1921


Aug 11 1921.

Dear Miss Addams,

I wonder if you ever met in England my very dear brother-in-law J. H. Muirhead. He has just taken his [superannuator] as professor of philosophy at Birmingham and is visiting (alone, for my sister is an invalid) the U.S. this fall.

He is the present leader of [page 2] the T. H. Green -- Hegel -- Caird idealist philosophy in England. He was in the front of all the social work in Birmingham and they just founded a "Muirhead lectureship" in his [honor]. He is also one of the leaders of the Workers Educational Association, and a very dear and devoted [page 3] friend of man.

His plans seem to me to be a little vague, and if you or someone could give him a little advice I should be deeply grateful. I was sorry that your visit to Europe this time did not bring you to London -- even America must be feeling just now that it would be good to see out of your eyes.

Yours ever sincerely

Graham Wallas.