A Nos Visiteurs, 1921 Also known as: To Our Visitors, 1921


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Christian Society of Friends (QUAKERS)


PARIS (1st Arr) [page 2]

Our worship meetings are open to all, and we will always be happy to welcome those who wish to join us.

We do not desire to attract members of other churches or religious groups who find in their meetings or in their services the spiritual nourishment they need, but we believe that there are many who desire simple worship, delivered from rites and forms, and imbued with the spirit of love towards men.

In order to facilitate the spiritual union of the assistants, we believe it is our duty to give here, succinctly, some details about our Worship Meetings.

First of all, no place is paid or reserved specially for anyone and the meeting begins without hymn or speech, when all in attendance have gathered in silence for prayer or meditation. This silence may seem strange and tiring, but we must nonetheless seek, in all sincerity, to free ourselves from all distractions in order to be able to render our worship in spirit and in truth.

Silence can continue for a longer or shorter period, perhaps even throughout the meeting, for Friends have no pastor or priest to lead them, and it is only for the good of all that no word is spoken. Usually, however, God inspires one or more of those present to speak.

Unreality in religion is one of the causes of the opposition it provokes, which is why we seek sincerity in worship by allowing everyone the full freedom to speak or to be silent, according to their inspiration. We know [page 3] that in our peaceful assemblies God often reveals himself in a striking way to the attentive soul.

Experience has shown us that when a meeting of worship comes under the sole influence of the Spirit of God, He, who knows the needs of each one, inspires in the one He has chosen, the right words. And since we do not want to limit the field of his influence, we do not believe in a sacredoce which does not include all believers.

When one of us, male or female, for we are all one in Christ Jesus, feels prompted to speak, he stands up and speaks; if he feels more drawn to prayer, the habit is for him to kneel in his place and the audience to stay with their heads bowed until they are finished.

This is obviously only a custom and this is how we speak of it, for the most absolute freedom reigns in our assemblies, "Where Lord is, there is freedom".

When the Worship Meeting has lasted as long as those responsible for its good organization find it profitable, they tend to shake hands to show that the service is over.

The Friends do not subscribe to any declaration of faith; to each is left the care to judge according to his Christian conscience and his personal light, the points of doctrine. All the nuances can be found among them, because for them the true Oneness is in the spirit rather than in the forms and the formulas.

The special points on which the Friends more particularly agree are: the spirituality of the teaching of Christ, the universality of Christian love without distinction of class or race, the impossibility for any disciple [page 4] of Jesus to take part in war and its preparation and the uselessness of signs our outer sacraments to commune with God and develop in the spiritual life.

Our assumptions are real services of communion, spiritual meals where the Bread of life is broken and shared between the brothers and where the real presence of God is felt intensely.

We know, alas, that we are often far from our ideal. It is good, however, to always seek out the True and the Beautiful.

We cordially invite all those who need to be helped, as well as those who would be eager to help us, to unite with us, so that together we can work for the establishment of the Reign of Christ, who is the reign of love, justice and peace.


Reading Room and Library: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday from 2 to 6 hours. Thursday until 10 a.m. evening.
Sunday: Worship at 10 a.m. 1/4.

20, AVENUE VICTORIA, PARIS (1st) - 1st floor, No. 3.


Imp. V. Peigur, 33, rue Lacépède, Paris (Vst)

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