Edith Palmer to Jane Addams, June 23, 1921

Newark, N.J.,
June 23, 1921.
Jane [Addams],
President Women's League for Peace and Freedom.

Dear Jane [Addams]:

Knowing of the Convention in Vienna and that Mrs. [Laddey] would be a delegate, I went to talk with her of a thought in regard to our problem which has long seemed of vital importance to me and to some others. I was more than glad to find Mrs. [Laddey] deeply sympathetic in regard to this and ready to take it up with you and the others.

The hearts of a great multitude all over the world, even of those not stirred by the highest ideals are turning hopefully toward every effort for World Peace, and it seems that Woman, the new Power in Public life, may be able to save mankind from present peril.

Those of us who think deeply know that the continued existence and progress of our civilization, depends on whether an increasingly large number of individuals come to realize the importance of their own daily lives in the general welfare of the race, and to understand that each has a part comparable to that of a single instrument in the production of a musical symphony.

Do we not need a Crusade for the Daily Life of Good Will and is it not Woman's duty to lead in this?

It seems to me, dear Jane [Addams], that you are the one to proclaim such a crusade and to found a Fellowship for the daily life of Peace and Good Will, in which all, gifted or unlettered, rich and poor can join, beginning in their own homes with their neighbors and having the encouragement and help that would come through feeling that they can clasp hands over land and sea in this simple organization for Human Brotherhood.

I am praying that you may see the vision and feel the call to act.


Edith Palmer [signed]

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