Salmon Oliver Levinson to Jane Addams, May 21, 1921


May 21, 1921.

My dear Miss Addams:

So as to avoid any more possible discourtesies I enclose my check to your order for $100.00 as my contribution to the welfare and success of the "Women's International League for Peace and Freedom".

I also enclose a very brief and condensed form of the paper I gave you last night. I recently sent this short form to President Harding and tried to put it in the way that seemed to appeal to him last summer. I am sending it to you because it might be easier to get a resolution through your association which contains the basic principles rather than a longer document that might require considerable study and explanation and raise all manner of questions.

With reference, however, to the full sheet I wish you would look it over with your usual care and advise me as to your views. All of the paragraphs; except the one relating to the citizen soldiery, emanate from Senator Knox and myself so that I feel I can give adequate explanation of the various paragraphs.

If you could get a resolution embodying the substance of this Knox program through your own League it would furnish effective momentum for the movement that I have in mind in this country for the accomplishment of our own women.

If you feel it consistent to attempt to secure the passage of such a resolution, I should be very glad to come out to Hull House before you [page 2] leave and discuss the various points of view at some length. However, you are well versed in most, if not all, of these questions and it is with some diffidence that I offer you any possible form of enlightenment.

Sincerely yours,

S. O. Levinson [signed]

Miss Jane Addams,
c/o Hull House,
Chicago, Illinois.