Jane Addams to Stanley Ross Linn, May 19, 1921



My dear Stanley

Mr Riddle, his wife & their children are about to go to Cal. because the elders need a change in climate. They have one or two things in mind but nothing definite as yet. Mr Riddle who has had our boys club of the last two years thinks that he would like to teach. Is there any sort of a chance near you? He is a college man and taught for 4 years in a boy's school, has been in social work for many years.

Is the cottage next you occupied, I suppose it is. [page 2] Have you any suggestions?

We sail for Europe on the 4" of June, landing in France and going straight on to Geneva. Mary Smith, Alice Hamilton & I and a good many others as you see. When is the baby expected. Do let me know. With love to the entire family,

I am always yours devotedly

Jane Addams

May 19" 1921