Illinois Vigilance Association, May 2, 1921

Illinois Vigilance Association
106 North La Salle Street

For 100% American Morals

State Wide Campaign

To reassert American Standards of Morality in movies, the dance and the theater.

To suppress indecent and obscene publications.

To eliminate vice and vicious conditions.

To educate in sex purity and eugenics.

To organize community Vigilance Councils.


Mark Those You Want

1. The Moral Decay of the Stage .......... 12 pages

2. The Menace of the Movies and Criticism of Recent Plays .......... 16 pages

3. A Peril of Amusement --

What a Priest Says.

Amy Leslie of the Daily News.

A Chicago Citizen .......... 1 page

4. Church, School, [Theaters] and Movies .......... 4 pages

5. [Theaters] and Movies .......... 4 pages

6. A Young Man's Health .......... 8 pages

By Dr. Wm. T. Belfield and others

7. Three Great Army Records .......... 6 pages

8. Information on Venereal Disease .......... 24 pages

By Dr. W. A. Evans, of Chicago Tribune

9. To Be or Not to Be .......... 16 pages

A Young Man's Life Question

10. Adolescence .......... 16 pages

Adapted for Youths of either sex

11. For Our Sons .......... 16 pages

12. For Our Daughters .......... 16 pages

13. International Work against the White Slave Trade .......... 4 pages

14. Some of the Girls who have been helped .......... 12 pages

Quantities for circulation at cost

"Propaganda is Power" [page 2]

LOUIS A. BOWMAN, Treasurer
Northern Trust Company, Chicago

Plan 1. To aid the work of the Illinois Vigilance Association, I will contribute monthly the amount marked X:

Plan 1

Plan 2








Name _______________________ 


__$ 5

Address _____________________


__$ 3

Phone _______________________


__$ 2


__$ 1






Plan 2. To aid the work of the Illinois Vigilance Association I enclose $ __________.

Make checks payable to Illinois Vigilance Association.

"Let every man remember that to violate the law is to trample on the blood of his father and to tear the charter of his own and his children's liberty."

-- Abraham Lincoln. [page 3]

You Will Be Glad to Know:

that through your help 5,000 Warning Cards for girls have been placed in depots and other public places.

that through your help 1,000 unfortunate girls from the Morals Court have been befriended by our welfare worker, Mrs. Aldrich. Less than 3 percent of these girls ever return to the Court.

that through your help 750,000 soldiers received our scientific sex purity literature. Two hundred U.S. Army officers and Red Cross officials have written us letters commending this work.

that through your help 13,000,000 pages of printed matter on sex morals have been put in the hands of boys and girls and men and women.

that through your help 200 disorderly places have been effectively dealt with.

that through your help our work has reached out in some manner into 33 states and several foreign countries.

that through your help we have suppressed over 10,000 pages of contaminating printed matter and pictures.

that through your help the boys and girls of 90 colleges have been influenced by our purity leaflets.

that through your help 157 Red Cross organizations have received our scientific sex literature for distribution.

that through your help hundreds of addresses have been given carrying on the campaign for sex purity and cleaner conditions of life.

that through your help numerous articles have been published in the press, wide interest has been aroused, resulting in an awakening conscience on the present-day tendencies in morals. Propaganda is our intangible asset, but perhaps it is the most valuable part of our work.

that through your help the "Mann Act," the well known and most effective weapon against white slavery, was enacted. This law was first suggested by the Illinois Vigilance Association. Its enactment was the direct result of the original work of this organization.

that through your help the Illinois Injunction and Abatement Act was proposed, drafted and placed in the hands of Representative Richardson, and for two years promoted by this Association before its enactment became possible.

that through your help the Illinois Vigilance Association has been able to carry on for its fourteenth successful year befriending helpless girls, preventing conditions that promote vice, educating thousands with its sex purity messages, creating propaganda for the reassertion and maintenance of high American moral standards, without which standards our institutions, our business, our American civilization become insecure.

"Nothing is so dishonoring to a heroic past as to rest upon it." [page 4]

You May Be Glad to Know That Your Help Will Enable Us:

to care for more than 450 unfortunate girls this year whom the Morals Court will ask us to befriend. In some cases, food, clothing, railroad fare and other necessities must be bought by our Superintendent of Welfare Work, Mrs. Alice Phillips Aldrich.

to carry on an extensive propaganda to awaken the people concerning political corruption which allows crime and vice to flourish in so many cities. This work cannot be tabulated, but perhaps it is one of the most important tasks facing any organization in Illinois. The purchasable politician is the prize producer of vice and crime.

to fight against immoral tendencies and conditions which inevitably lead to vice and disease. Our work in this line is one of the crying fundamental needs of Illinois.

to suppress evil publications now flooding Illinois. A United States Post Office inspector in our office recently declared that no one is doing this needed service, and while high schools are flooded with harmful publications it is high time the Illinois Vigilance Association carried on an extensive campaign of suppression.

to enlist the patriotic people of Illinois in a crusade for the reassertion of American morals, not a blue-law, kill-joy movement, but a movement to encourage families, churches, schools, clubs to so fill up the leisure life of our young people with clean, happy amusements that there shall be no room for the vile and destructive.

to federate and energize all forces working to purify the movies, the stage, the dance hall.

to continue the publication and distribution of tens of thousands of purity leaflets for boys and girls.

to secure several competent lecturers who will deliver, over the state, messages on sex purity and eugenics. These lectures treat of such fundamental questions as:

"The Origin of Life."

"The Significance of Sex."

"The Segregation of the Feebleminded and the Moron and how to prevent the increase of this dangerous class."

"Breeding a Better Race of Man."

to replace our worn-out "Warning Cards for Girls" in every railway station in Illinois. No one can measure the helpful influence of these cards.

to place in the hands of every high school pupil in the state a stirring challenge to maintain high AMERICAN standards of morality. Some of the best known people of the United States are preparing this booklet.

to make a study, county by county, of Illinois so as to know conditions and offer suggestions of an upbuilding character so that Illinois may take a foremost place in sex purity. The future of the state may be largely molded by such work.

to organize everywhere Vigilance Councils, composed of people of all faiths and all parties, to study and care for the moral life of communities, suppressing destructive agencies and suggesting constructive measures.

106 North La Salle Street

"Go in anywhere. You will find good fighting all along the line."