American Assistance for Families of German and Austrian Scientists and Teachers to Friend, ca. April 1921

American Assistance
for Families of
German and Austrian Scientists and Teachers

Chicago, 1921.

The economic devastation of war in the Central countries has been spread evenly over the entire peoples behind the blockade. Only the wealthy are able to buy sufficient food and clothing with their almost worthless currency, and the supply of milk, flour and fuel is inadequate to meet the present need. The standard of living has been gradually lowered to a level far below what is admitted to be sufficient to sustain health, and mental and moral efficiency.

Among the last to receive relief because of the difficulty of approach, are the class who spend their lives in the service of science and the dissemination of knowledge.

Unless aid is brought speedily to those upon whom this service depends in Germany and Austria, some of the most important civilizing influences in those countries will be lost. Those who recognize the value of the forces of education to Society at large will not delay coming to the rescue.

The AMERICAN ASSISTANCE TO FAMILIES OF GERMAN AND AUSTRIAN SCIENTISTS AND TEACHERS administers your funds directly through committees organized: in Berlin, by the AUSLANDSHILFE, and in Vienna by the AMERICAN COMMITTEE FOR VIENNA RELIEF. You are invited to cooperate in whatever way you can to contribute to this Fund. Give as much as you are able, and interest people in other places to raise money, in order that a continuous supply may reach those in need during the period of stress and disorganization.



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