Sophie Chantal Hart to Margaret Brackenbury Crook, April 18, 1921



April 18, 1921

Department of English

Tower Court
Wellesley College
Wellesley 81, Massachusetts

My dear Miss Crook, --

The best person for you to get for the work which you suggest is Miss Michi Kawai, National Board of the Young Women's Christian Association, 12, Sanchome, Tamachi Ichigaya, Ushigome, Tokyo. She is a Bryn Mawr woman, was in Vienna last year and at the International Conference in Switzerland, and is filled with a sense of the importance of working for Peace. She might not, because of her other duties, be able to take the leadership herself, but she would know whom to appeal to and to put in places of leadership. The other woman to whom I should give the charge, is Mrs. Horace Coleman, 10 Finoki-Cho, Akasaka, Tokyo, Japan. She is without doubt the ablest of the American group of women as an organizer, and has perhaps the widest contact with Japanese women of influence. She is a Friend and thoroughly in sympathy with the aims of this movement. Her husband is the head of the International Sunday School Association in Japan, and they, too, perfected the organization for the World's Sunday School Convention which was held last summer in Tokyo, and which was the most successful European-Japanese enterprise ever put through. I speak of these facts to indicate her special knowledge and gifts in the direction which this work would need. The other Japanese woman besides Miss Kawai who might be most useful is Mrs. Kami Hirooke, 63 Zaimokucho, Azabu, Tokyo. But I doubt whether she has the staying power to keep at it because her interests are sometimes divided. However, she is by all odds one of the most influential allies for the cause that you could possibly have. Since I see no reason for writing to Dr. Sherzer, I am sending this communication directly to you.

Since my return from Japan, I have assumed the guardianship of three Japanese girls and have been in more or less constant touch with Oriental affairs, as well as with visitors who come from Tokyo to see Wellesley.

If I can be of further service to you at any time, please let me know.

Very sincerely yours,

(Signed) Sophie C. Hart