Society for Prevention of Cruelty, February 13, 1921



Miss Alva Blaffer of New Orleans has been in Mexico for over a year working unceasingly to form a Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to children and animals. Miss Blaffer comes from an old and representative family of the "Crescent City", and in conjunction with her father who was a man of means, and her brother dedicated her life work towards ameliorating the conditions of abandoned or unfortunate children. Louisiana was a fruitful field for this altruistic generous woman and her activities have been unremittingly employed in establishing a branch of this wonderful organization here in the [capital]. Miss Blaffer being a globe trotter and citizeness of the world, with her knowledge of languages, peoples, charities and economics, makes her preeminently fitted for this humanitarian work and its accomplishments. Mexico needs a leader and organizer along these lines of protection for helpless little children. For a long time after her arrival in the Republic things were quite discouraging and embryonic, but nothing daunted. Miss Blaffer continued her labors until she interested many representative people in her mission.

Professor José Vasconcelos has been elected president of the Society and will have able assistants in Miss Blaffer and Professor Juan León, who is the inspector of technical schools as well as secretary of the federation of the federal schools and is a real humanitarian. His aid to Miss Blaffer ever since she came to Mexico has been substantial and sustaining. Helpful assistance has also been extended in behalf of the movement by Señor Garcia, and Señor Portillo y Rojas who being eminent parliamentarians have presided at the meetings. The American Humane Association that Miss Blaffer represents is [nonsectarian], and includes among its vice president, President Harding of the United States, Ex-President William Taft, and Cardinal Dougherty of Baltimore, Maryland, who has recently elected to fill the high chair made vacant by that wonderful man Cardinal Gibbons, and who is at present in Rome at the American Academy to participate in the Papal Ceremony of the Coronation of Pope Pius Eleventh. Among the people well known in the community who are upholders of this charitable organization are Countess Montgelas, Lic. José López Portillo y Rojas, F. Castillo Nájera and Alfonso Pruneda. Among the directors are Mesdames Farías de Isasi, Hugh Gordon, Sandoval de Zarco, Doctores Antonio Urstúa, and Frances McMillan. Señorita Emmy Ibañez, Esperanza Bringas, Elena Torres, Señores Lic. Luis Jasso, Roberto Medellín, Jonas Garcia, Professor Luis Morel, Francisco Morales and Doctor Carlos Hidalgo y Terán. With this moral and material support there is no doubt but that Miss Blaffer's plans will all in time [crystalize]. One of the ideas will be to have the city districted off and committees to take charge of the work for the propaganda and financial contributions which will be sadly needed. Temporary homes will be arranged for the "Submerged Tenth" and care, hygiene, and food for the inmates will receive proper consideration. In the ramifications of the work will come in time the establishment of a "Children's Court" and everything tending towards reclaiming the "Little Citizens" and elevating the standards of living will be attended to. It is a Herculean task undertaken by this courageous woman, the saving of the young who go towards making the future citizens of the country. There can be no greater appeal to humanity than giving the unfortunates of a community a "Fighting Chance". Let the public at large respond generously to this noble work and do all that lies in their power to help rescue and make comfortable the waifs of the city. What can be of more importance, than care of the helpless young?