Helena Lucy Maria Sickert Swanwick to Emily Greene Balch, February 20, 1921

Women's International League

20-II-1921     26 Lawn Crescent.

Dear Miss Balch, dear kind friend,

Here I am at home again, rather dazed and [tottering?] but very well. I am a prize patient they say & have progressed as fast as anyone could. [Illegible] My dear friend, who was my surgeon, found the prime cause of my attacks, -- a growth in the rectum. Fortunately it was situated where a length of the intestine could be removed & the two ends rejoined, so unless it should return I am likely to be a much healthier woman. They swept away my appendix & broke down "adhesions" which seem to have formed all over the shop, so it was a real spring-clean!

I am very sorry to have to drop all work, but when one must, there is no sense in fretting. They won't attempt an estimate of the length of my invalidism -- "Anyhow two months more; then we'll see," is all I can get.

The dear little book ↑"Aucassin & Nicolette"↓ was sent on from the office & beguiled some of my idle hours. It is prettily got up & was a pleasure. Thank you. I took [page 2] you at your word & [illegible] ↑made↓ my own choice for the order to Kings. I had been given John Clare's poems, so I chose Wilfred Owen's volume of verse & as a pick-me-up, the delightful "Tomfooleries" of Eleanor Farjeon.

I am glad the arrangements for the Summer School were pretty far on before I retired from the scene of action. Miss Royds is a jewel.

With all sorts of good wishes & thanks

Yours with love

H. M. S. [initialed]

P.S. I have received circular letter A3 B3.

Perhaps when you are writing to Miss Addams, you would be so kind as to tell her about me? I can't write much yet.