Emily Greene Balch to Jane Addams, February 7, 1921



6, rue du Vieux-Collège
Revue Mensuelle
Kawakami letter
[illegible] Letter to K Courtney.

Feb 7/21

Dear Miss Addams,

A pencil letter enables me to keep a carbon copy and yet not call on Miss Wössner or Mrs [Lewis?] both of whom are loaded up with work.

Your letter received this morning was very welcome. I wonder you can find a minute for a letter. Thanks for a check for francs 157.40 [enclosed]. The amount due for reports and postals (see our letter of Nov. 11) was 130. This leaves therefore something like $6 on account of Women at The Hague and we [illegible] thank you very much for it. I ordered some copies here and sold them all. [page 2]

We are having to call the Ex. Com. [meeting] for July 4 and the Congress 10-16. We could not override such a strong feeling on the part of the local committee that a later date was impractical. I am sorry.

I am delighted that Miss Smith will and Dr. Hamilton may come.

I enclose a reprint of your New Republic article in French. We made it for the Journal de Genève but could not get it into that select sheet. It is true that at the same time they were giving space to the matter on the same general subject. I am so happy that you will be here for the opening of the next Assembly. Do you suppose we can make you comfortable enough here at the M. I.? We will see.

The Nobel Prize matter is of course dropped. I did not take a vote but simply notified the Section of your decision. [page 3]

About your New Rep. article I meant to add that I sent it to the man who edited for the Secretariat of the L. of N a daily press review suggesting his printing excerpts but he did not do so.

In general things are going well except that Miss Marshall (who is still here but in such bad health that it is hard for her to finish anything) have not yet got out our report apropos of the L. of N. Our Italian Section is dying not to say dead. Denmark is in a bad way. Norway sends us already 2500 francs ½ of what I asked for our "drive." From America I have never had any acknowledgment of a reply to my finance letter and so much depends on the American support. The M. I. has not kept full but 3 rooms are let permanently & it is not so bad. We get in money by [driblets] too all the time. Since Jan 1 [blank space] new Intl members mostly local. [page 4]

I am getting out a circular letter about the Congress.

I am gradually getting written propaganda letters ↑written↓ to people in countries where we have correspondents but no sections. I have just finished these for China  ↑(16)↓ and Japan (7). letters in all. I enclose a copy of a letter from Mr. Kawakami and my reply. This Japanese group is very cheering, isn't it -- It is always thrilling to me -- this wide flung correspondence. Just received a nice inquiring letter from a French woman in Tunis: a discouraged letter from an enthusiastic Greek alumna of the Constantinople College who was last year studying here but is now at Constpl and gets called a Bolshevist because she wants women to study questions of reform. I am asking her to represent us at the Congress of Greek Women to be held in Athens next month.

Yours ever gratefully E. G. Balch