Jane Addams to Oswald Garrison Villard, February 10, 1921


February 10, 1921

My dear Mr Villard:

I am very sorry not to have seen you last week when you were in Chicago. Mrs Levinson kindly asked me to dine with you on Monday evening but I was already tied up with an engagement for dinner given for Miss Wald at one of the suburbs, West Hinsdale. I called up the City Club for your address and they told me you had left the city, and not until this morning did I learn that you had attended the Fellowship of Reconciliation meeting later in the week.

I wanted very much to talk to you about the Irish Commission, and various [page 2] other things, and hope you will let me know next time you come. From what Hollingsworth Wood says it looks as if we were coming out very well on the report after all.

Faithfully yours,

Jane Addams [signed]