Lillian D. Wald to Jane Addams, November 15, 1920

November fifteenth
Nineteen twenty.

Dearest Lady,

Perhaps I can go off to Washington for a day or two to hear the testimony, even if I am not a member of the Commission.

If you will let me know when your train gets in, the road, etc., the faithful Allen will take care of you.

I am [awfully] mad at Mabel Kittredge, and hope that even if you spend one night there you will be so homesick for Henry Street that you will never do it again.

Galsworthy's "Mob" has created almost a sensation. People flock to it from all parts of the city, and Galsworthy, who has been here several times, is quite delighted. Most fortunately we have a miniature woman for the part of Olive. She looks, talks, walks and is built like a child, though she counts up over twenty summers.

This is sent hurriedly in order to get that telegram of your coming.

Very special love to special Mary Smith.


Miss Jane Addams,
Hull House,
800 So. Halsted Street,
Chicago, Ill.