Notes for Address on Public Service, May 24, 1923


Old suffrage days, we used to say Madam who keeps your houses?

in U.S.A. League of Women Voters

Maternity Bill

Children's Bureau.

in England -- in [particular] [a?] ↑Margaret [Bondfield]↓

in Austria -- in city, national [in?]  feeding children 20 [illegible]

[in Czeckoslovakia] -- Ukraine -- Belgian [illegible] in India [Burmese?] [page 2]

Since the war -- nursing [in?] citizenship -- town & country.

Child welfare stations in Bombay -- Calcutta in great demand for more nurses -- Red Cross activity -- Public Health here in China

Juvenile Courts --

↑Public↓ recreation

such matters constantly in Politics -- [page 3]

1st domestic [illegible], early woman agriculturalist not wanting to move until crops are ripe for nomadic to settled.

international [illegible], old test of nurturing human life.

[Interrelations] lacked such material -- Cholera in Europe  4 lives [illegible] 1852 & 1896. Gov't [illegible] to give [some?] at Suez.

in the meantime the doctors had done much [page 4]

League of Nations. Scandinavian women Dame Rachel Crowdy, typhoid in Lille -- Austrian Children in Switzerland.

food for Armenia [etc.?]

traffic in women & children

Labor Bureau protection.

(Italian) immigrants -- as American experience at H.H. [page 5]

Inter-Council of Women

[Inter-] suffrage alliance

[Inter-] Y.W.C.A. bd. in London

W.C.T.U. [bd. in] Chicago.

[Inter-] League of P. & F. bd in Geneva.

1915-'19-21 -- recently in Hague.

Geneva Conference -- called by Lloyd George [page 6]

Speech to Am. W. Collegiate Assn Peking May 24" P.U.M.C.