Edith Ludwig to Jane Addams, August 6, 1920

Hotel Casa Madrona
Sausalito Cal. Aug 6

My dear Miss Addams:

It is a shame to pursue you with horrors even into the retreat of Estes Park, but the cable which I [remind] you came like a thunderbolt and I telegraphed wildly to anyone in the U.S. whom I believed to have influence.

Upon my return to Cleveland, after the call upon you, the cold I had contracted in Chicago developed into bronchitis, taking with it entirely [page 2] my voice, which was gone not two weeks, therefore I did not write you to arrange about the luncheon you so kindly suggested. ↑Countess Szechenyi regretted -- says she's too shy & is a rotten speaker.↓  When I had recovered sufficiently Chicago was in the throes of the Convention & I felt anything else would have no chance. Meantime I had heard such optimistic reports from our committee in N.Y. that my anxiety relaxed a bit & I felt all was going well. Therefore Capt. Dell'Adami's cable was so much the more shattering. His cable was not very explicit, but [page 3] undoubtedly the assistance referred to meant the transports promised by U.S. Govt. In a letter from Capt. D.A. from Japan, he said "without America's ships, we were the poorest devils in the world as Japan will do nothing. Shi has spent six million yen on the prisoners & refuses to do anymore."

I don't know what you can do, but if you can [use] your tremendous influence, we shall bless you ever after. If you can think of anything in the world that I can do please tell me. I am ready [page 4] for anything & am apparently in perfect physical condition.

It is so perfectly splendid to take an interest in the matter. -- you are the one person in the world to whom one can go, sure of all the help possible to give.

Best regards to Dr. Hamilton

Cordially yours

Edith Ludwig.

By the way, Ethel Snowden is back from Russia, quite fed up with the [gentle] Bolsheviki. She says he is neither Socialistic, democratic, nor Christian -- all of which I have been yelling unavailingly into her rosy ear for over a year.