Wilbur Kelsey Thomas to Jane Addams and Alice Hamilton, October 30, 1920


October 30, 1920.

Jane Addams and Dr. Alice Hamilton,
"Hull House",
800 S. [Halsted] Street,
Chicago, Ill.

Dear Friends:

We take pleasure in enclosing copies of a few letters of thanks from [Nuermberg], for a gift of five barrels of cod liver oil. These letters express the warm appreciation on the part of doctors, nurses and especially of the children, some of whom sipped the oil as if it were honey. At the same time they give us a glimpse into the great misery of these children and their immediate need of more cod liver oil.

Last winter it was our good fortune to be able to send to Germany 120 barrels of cod liver oil. Your generous contribution helped us to do this. The need in the coming winter will be, according to the statements of doctors and nurses, even greater than in the past winter, and we are hoping to send over a large shipment of cod liver oil as soon as the necessary funds are available.

Sincerely yours,

W.K.T. [stamped]
NOV 2 1920

Executive Secretary.

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