Jane Addams to Henrietta Octavia Rowland Barnett, November 11, 1920


My dear Friend:

I have delayed writing to you in New York hoping that I might be able to tell you definitely when I was coming on, for the hope has died very hard that I was going to have another visit with you. At last however I have most reluctantly given it up, all but seeing you off on The Baltic on Saturday the 20th. I have an appointment in Washington for the 17th, 18th and 19th of November and hope to come up to New York the night of the last which is Friday. Miss Spence's invitation fills me with black regret but there seems to be no chance of getting away from the Commission on that date. I want very much also to talk to you about this "American Commission on Ireland" which is not to interfere in the affairs of another [nation] but to help American opinion which is being subjected to constant propaganda, it might even then seem to you foolish but I hope not.

I do hope that your dear voice is better. You have been a wonderful woman indeed this journey and I am filled with pride over your achievements. [page 2] I am getting this letter off rather [hurriedly], but it goes, as you know, with my affectionate greetings to Miss [Paterson], and my best love to you. ↑Your letters and your visit have been very precious to me and I am filled with gratitude.

Always yours↓

J. Addams [signed]

↑Nov 11" 1920↓