Henrietta Octavia Rowland Barnett to Jane Addams, April 15, 1920


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April 15th, 1920.

↑Dear & gracious lady --↓

On March 20th you write that you are at once getting into communication with Mr Pond of the Lecturing Agency, and will let me know as soon as you “hear definitely from him.” But [today] is April 15th and as I have not heard I am getting anxious.

I have received letters from Mr Buckley, [Miss] Hamilton, and other letters [today] and yesterday, dated March 18th, 26th, 28th, 29th, and 31st, but nothing from you.

I do not want to worry you, but you will know that I must agree to come or not [page 2] to come. If I come, very likely Dr Helen Boyle -- who is quite the leading physician on feeble-mindedness, nerve exhaustion, and mental derangements which are not lunacy -- will accompany me, with her Secretary. She is about 50, Irish, Protestant, a brilliant talker, well-dressed, well-born, and strong. She would do very valuable work, both by getting and giving opinion on this difficult section of our social problems; but the point is to get her right introductions. She can speak ↑publicly↓ brightly and to the point, but she has not a large voice. I told her I would write to you about her, and her plans would depend on what you and other friends say about the likelihood of her being of use in America, and [page 3] what sort of introductions to the learned bodies she can get.

She keeps a Hospital for the poor, and two large Nursing Homes for the rich. Besides these she has a large general practice in Brighton, and a consulting [room?] in London to which the London doctors take their cases. She is also on all the Medical Committees for this branch of work, both in relation to the Ministry of Health and the Medical Associations.

I do hope I am not giving you unnecessary trouble, but after all we are both out to bring America and England together.

Will you send me the reviews you have written on my book?

Yours affectionately, ↑with respect too↓

Henrietta O Barnett [signed]

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