Henrietta Octavia Rowland Barnett to Jane Addams, October 24, 1920

470 H STREET, S. W.


Oct 24th 1920

[written on left margin] Can you not find a really good reason to come to New York during my visit?

Dear dear friend --

I miss you every day -- A hundred times as I see or hear things I say "I wish I cld ask Miss Addams about that" & I know that I owe you & your standpoint more than [page 2] I can say -- I am grateful very. All too quickly my time in this wonderful country has gone--

I go today to Philadelphia & on Wednesday to New York c/o Miss Righter 70 Fifth Avenue. New York City will be the letter address, [page 3] but I do not yet know where I stay. My dates are from Oct 27th to Oct 31st & from Nov 7th to 14th or 16th when I hope to sail --

I see by the brown book, which you patiently worked through with me that hot day in East Aurora, that you said you would write to Dr. George Vincent & tell him I was anxious to see him -- Will you dictate a letter to him & give him my address please? Soon if possible. I have you know also a letter to him from Sir Gregory Foster w. I am sending.

I am leaving here today -- What a wonderful city! These kind people have overwhelmed me with many attentions. Do you like them? One of the thousand question on w. I am ever turning to you --

Yours forever Henrietta O Barnett

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