Jane Addams to Albert Joseph Kennedy, June 26, 1920


June 26th, 1920

My dear Mr. Kennedy:

I wrote the review for the Atlantic Monthly at the same time as I wrote a shorter one which appeared in the Yale Review for July. Mr. Sedgwick had wanted not a review but a sort of appraisement of the present status of the settlement movement. I hadn't taken his letter with me when I went to Colorado where I wrote the review so that the mistake was altogether mine. I therefore sent the manuscript to a little local paper -- "Unity" -- with the understanding that I was to have reprints. I am rather swamped with 2000 of them but I am sending you half of them! If you would like to send packages of them instead of single copies to the various settlements I should be glad to pay the postage involved. All this, of course, in the interest of getting people out to hear Mrs. Barnett when she comes in the fall.

I am sending you my last letter from her which is very disconcerting. I thought it was quite clear that the September date would suit her. Now, apparently, it does not. I am sending you two earlier letters upon which I founded this false hope.

Mr. Pond of the Pond Lyceum Bureau has behaved very badly; he neither accepted nor did he decline. In my despair I finally wrote to Mrs. Ury of Boston and am enclosing her discouraging reply. May I hope to see you when I am in Boston. Perhaps you will return to me then this assorted material. I speak before the International Congregational Church Meeting on the evening of Monday, July the 5th. I will write you later as to my hotel address.

Faithfully yours,

Jane Addams [signed]

P.S. I am also sending you a number of prospectuses of Barnett House.