Elisabeth Wærn-Bugge to Emily Greene Balch (fragment), March 2, 1920


From letter of Mrs. [Wærn-Bugge], March 2. 1920.

We think it our duty to communicate to you, that the [Bolshevik] consul here has in a private conversation with our vice-president told her that the fights, which have recently begun between [Soviet]-Russia and Poland will become of a very earnest character and cause atrocious bloodshed. He most fervently entreated the women to use all their influence for a reconciliation. A Polish-Swedish lady, just arrived here, has also spoken to us about these fights and she is of the opinion, that they will decide the fate not only of Poland but of Europe.

We do not think ourselves capable of pointing out any way out of this dreadful situation. We have not succeeded in getting any communication with the women of Poland, and apparently it would be of small use. As up to this date our Government has not acknowledged [Soviet]-Russia, we are not able to influence this power through our diplomacy. It seems to us that the only thing for us to do is to let you know about the situation as related to us, if possibly our Headquarters might be able to get some influence upon the Council of the League of Nations.

Personal and confidential.

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