Emily Greene Balch to National Park Bank of New York, February 11, 1920


February 11, 1920.

National Park Bank of New York.
New York City.

Dear Sir,

I am in possession of your letter of January 19 and hasten to complete my instructions.

The money deposited with you by me is the property of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom of which Miss Jane Addams of Hull House, Chicago, is President. The League is unincorporated. Its seat is in Geneva, Switzerland. As Secretary-Treasurer I am authorized to deal with the funds of the League. Owing the difficulties of international [organization today] I have no finance committee to act with me in this matter. The fund [should] be subject to be drawn upon either by Miss Addams as President or [by] me as Secretary-Treasurer. The signature which I think I gave you last April when at the Bank with Miss Addams and Miss Wald might be filed under the head of International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace (the former title of our organ) together with that of Jane Addams and Lillian D. Wald. As you suggest, I will sign as Secretary-Treasurer of the League stamping the check with the name of the League in order to establish its identity.

You ask that authority "duly authorized by the governing body" may be filed with you [authorizing] you to transfer the amount sent you by me and to open the account in the name of the League. You are hereby [authorized] and instructed by me as Secretary-[Treasurer] of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom to transfer the whole amount of the fund sent you by me ($7950.00) to-date to the account of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom.

If further formalities are necessary will you communicate either with Miss Addams or with me according to the circumstances?

Yours very truly,

1 encl.