Harriet Eliza Merriam Van Der Vaart and Anna Eliza Nicholes to Jane Addams, [May 1908]


My dear Miss Addams:

Miss Nicholes and I have just read aloud your article in "Charities and Commons," which only came to us this morning. We feel much complimented that we may be included in the fraternity you are speaking for, and wish we might have had a more active part.

We do not see how [anyone] can read this article without recognizing that it is written by one who not only understands [page 2] the situation, and has the courage of her convictions, but has also a broad sympathy with all concerned.

It is so fair and just. We feel thankful that you have spoken and interpreted the situation. It must help.

Affectionately yours
with gratitude,

Harriet M Van Der Vaart
Anna E Nicholes

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